Aromatherapy Starter Set: Discover Wellness with Essential Oil Blends


Aromatherapy Starter Set: Discover Wellness with Essential Oil Blends

Begin your journey into the art of aromatherapy with our Aromatherapy Starter Set. This kit serves as an introduction to the extensive benefits of essential oils, helping you enhance wellness and adopt a holistic approach to self-care.

What’s Included in the Aromatherapy Starter Set? The starter set includes five ready-to-use essential oil products, with a combination that may consist of three inhalers and two roller blends, or three roller blends and two inhalers, depending on our current stock. Each selection is thoughtfully curated from our present stock to ensure a varied and effective introduction to aromatherapy.

We understand that everyone’s wellness journey is unique. Please feel free to include a note with your order specifying any allergies, particular oils you’re eager to try, or specific wellness needs. While we strive to accommodate your preferences, please note that the final product combination depends on the availability of our stock. May include additional sample products.

Usage Instructions for Roller Blends:

  • Shake Well: Always shake the roller bottle before use to ensure the essential oils are well blended.
  • Apply to Pulse Points: Roll the blend onto your wrists, temples, and neck. The warmth from these areas will help release the aroma and facilitate absorption of the oils.
  • Massage In: Enhance the absorption and effects by massaging the oil into your skin with gentle, circular motions.
  • Breathe Deeply: Pause to inhale deeply after application, allowing the therapeutic aromas to soothe or invigorate your senses.
  • Reapply as Needed: Reapply throughout the day based on your body’s needs for a quick boost or relaxation.

Usage Instructions for Inhaler Blends:

  • Inhale Deeply: Hold the inhaler just below your nose and take a series of deep breaths to fully enjoy the benefits of the essential oils.
  • Use On-the-Go: Perfect for discreet use anytime and anywhere you need a mental lift or stress relief.
  • Store Properly: Keep your inhaler in a cool, dry place with the cap tightly closed to preserve its effectiveness and extend its shelf life.

Portable and Discreet: Designed for convenience, our Aromatherapy Starter Set fits easily into a pocket or purse, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of essential oils wherever you go. This set is an excellent way for beginners to experience the transformative power of aromatherapy, providing tools for wellness that fit seamlessly into everyday life.